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APB Reloaded Gets New Soundtrack

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APB ReloadedContent updates rarely include new music. Most developers overlook this. Reloaded Games doesn't. Who knew APB Reloaded had a rock band among its fans? Industrial rock band Dope Stars is coming to the streets of San Paro with three tracks from the band's latest album "Ultrawired". The band is known with their passion for games, internet, Science Fiction and virtual worlds. Dope Stars members call fans of APB Reloaded as Ultrawired people and said that self-expression is what makes music and gaming alike.


Dope Stars Tracks coming to San Paro of APB Reloaded

The role of music in MMOs is underrated. It's often overlooked by developers. Sure we get content updates every few months and expansions that revamp visuals of the game from year to year, but in-game music usually remains the same, unless there is a large DLC.

A tune that sounds fantastic in the beginning is going to sound annoying after months of gameplay. We can't be listening to the same song in every co-op mission or deathmatch. We look for variety. 

Reloaded Games, the developer of ABP Reloaded must have recognized this. The latest update for APB Reloaded comes with new soundtrack and three of the songs belong to a wall known industrial rockbank "Dope Stars".

APB Reloaded

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Those who don't know much about Dope Stars, can find out more on Dope Stars website, but let me tell you what makes Dope Stars different from other bands. They LOVE games. They do have a passion for Sci-Fi, Games, internet and virtual worlds. 

The band's producer and lead singer Victor Love says, “Making music is all about self-expression. APB Reloaded lets gamers all around the world express themselves and be whoever they want to be in a virtual online world where the forces of good and evil clash every single day. Gaming and cyberculture sit side by side as the new virtual reality for millions. They're all UltraWired. We're happy to be making the streets of San Paro sound better.”

The tracks being added to APB Reloaded are: Lies Irae, No Life Belongs To You and We Are The New Ones. We have taken one of those tracks from YouTube, "Lies Irae". Enjoy!

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