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Darkfall Unholy Wars: Character Progression system revealed

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Darkfall: Unholy Wars elementalistDarkfall: Unholy Wars' character progression will be based on Prowess. Today, developers of the game revealed the details of this Prowess based character progression system. Players in Darkfall: Unholy Wars will gain prowess points from harvesting, crafting, killion monsters, PvP and other in-game activities. Depending on the difficulty of each achievement, there will be equivalen rewards for prowess points. Read on as we take a better look at crafting skills and how you can raise attributes.


Darkfall Unholy Wars : Character Progression System

Prowess points will be gained simply by playing Darkfall: Unholy Wars. Kill monsters, party up with other players, enter PvP battles, harvest, craft and you will gain prowess for each of these actions. Naturally, the more difficult of a task you complete, the more prowess points you will gain. Craft high-end items, kill stronger monsters and you will gain more prowess. Another source of prowess are Feats. Each task will reward player with extra points. All character in Darkfall: Unholy Wars will have a current and total prowess point. Once you have a higher total, tasks will become tougher.

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So, what will you be doing with prowess points? You will be able to raise your attributes to begin with. I am talking about your character's effectiveness in all skills. Each attribute will be raised by a single point at once and every next atrribute point will cost your more. (-obviously) Skills work the same way and players will be able to raise their skills one by one. 

Prowess points won't be used for Crafting Skills. Developer explain this as "Due to the effect crafting skills have on the economy we felt we should exclude them from the Prowess based system. All crafting skills can be raised by creating items. It works the same way for the new Salvaging skill. Harvesting skills however are based on the new Prowess system."

That's all for now. .  For more on Darkfall Unholy Wars, visit out Darkfall: Unholy Wars section or Visit Darkfall: Unholy Wars website here. (looks familar?)

Darkfall Unholy Wars Screenshots

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