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DayZ Standalone Coming Soon, In Closed Alpha

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The standalone version of DayZ was actually due last year, but with various development issues and WarZ making a bad name for the genre as the whole, things haven't been as quick as perhaps many of us would have liked. Either way, the wait will soon be over. Along with this exciting news, Dean Hall, the creator of the DayZ mod and the lead on the standalone project, also spoke about how you can expect to pay for DayZ Standalone at launch.

First he confirmed that the standalone version of the ArmA II mod was currently in closed alpha. People who had supported development, who had helped publicize the original version of the zombie shooter, were being invited in to gently test the servers and the various processes that are handled over the server (such as zombie spawning). They're going to let people play throughout the next month or so and review how the architecture is working in June. Once they've confirmed that they're happy with how things are going, they will release an open alpha.

Borrowing heavily from Minecraft and Mojang, DayZ will be available at an inexpensive price at alpha, and will get more expensive the later you support them. The earlier you join, the more bugs you might come across, but you'll also end up saving as much as $20. You'll also have the benefit of joining the game right at the beginning. 

Hall also spoke briefly about the idea of having two clients for the standalone. You'll be able to play the latest stable build, or you'll be able to have what he labels as the "experimental" build, the version of the game that the developers have saved that very day. While the idea of having a game updated on a daily basis sounds interesting, it's not without its risks. Firstly, it'll require an ample userbase within each game (so that things don't feel separated between the two clients) and secondly, how many people are going to end up complaining about issues when they accidentally load the wrong version of the game?

With a little luck, DayZ will be with us over the next four to eight weeks. On the flipside, they may end up unhappy with the MMO-like systems they've set up, in which case it might end up available about this time next year. Fingers crossed!

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