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Defiance: The Plague enters 2nd week

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Defiance plagueDefiance The Plague has been live for a week. As the second week of the event launches today, Trion Worlds reminded players of the content that they will find in the Plague as well as the newest missions that has become available today. The Plague storyline continues with new missions and now ark hunters have got only a week to comlete this new mission and secure the final Data Recorder. You can find a lot more details in our upcoming Defiance diary episode 6 but read on now for a little more on the Plague.


Defiance The Plague: Week 2 has launched

This story will come to a conclusion next Monday when the new episode of Defiance TV Show is out. I am talking about the latest content update for Defiance: The Plague. The Plague has arrived last week introducing a mysterious illness that's come to San Francisco and made its way towards the town of Defiance. 

In this second week of the Plague, the infection is already in Defiance town. Eren who located an old EMC bunker was able to recover an ICBM and she is now trying to get a package of vaccine to the town. The biggest complication is that ark hunters do need to activate synthesizers that Eren has setup acros the bay to create the cure. While Arkhunters try to activate them, plaguers attack arkhunters. These events called "Sieges" are open world events and they are similar to Arkfalls. The goal is to group up with other Ark Hunters and protect capture points from mutants and hordes. A little tip for you, on a personal level, the goal is to get a higher score by taking down more enemies and defend capture points. 

Plague trailer

The Plague also offers pursuits and emergencies. The pursuit is about putting down phase 4 plaguers. Arkhunters need to hunt them down in each region of Paradise. The reward is a Med Tech Buggy.

Finally, arkhunters who can collect all data recorders will complete the mission successfully. 

These data recorders are:

- Vaccine Delivery
- Subject Douglas Rivers
- Quarantine Recommendation
- Stage 4 Outbreak



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