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Dust 514 and Eve Online to merge on Tranquility

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Dust 514 Eve OnlineWhat makes Dust 514 so special? It's not the graphics, is it? Of course it's the game's integration with CCP's long running MMO Eve Online. Now that Dust 514 is about to move on from its Beta Testing on Singularity, CCP has announced that it's going to be taking Dust 514 universe to Eve Online's Tranquility server. Special day for CCP Games, as they mention, it's also a very special day for MMO games. Eve Onlin fans, expect to see Dust 514's tough mercenaries around you on Thursday!


Dust 514 Eve Online integration coming true this Thursday

What happens when an MMOFPS becomes a part of a Sci-Fi MMO with a long history and massive economy. CCP has just announced this on Eve Online blog. Dust 514 players, get ready to enter a whole new universe. Eve Online players, you better prepare for a large group of mercenaries. You could use them too!

From January 10th, Thursday, Eve Online players will see Dust 514 mercenaries talking in Eve Online asking them to join their companies as pilots. While they do that, Eve Online veterans will be able to recruit these mercenaries to work for their Eve corps.

Eve Online Dust 514 : Dust 514 players get ready for the experience of your lives! 

Dust 514 Character Wipe

All Dust 514 characters will be reset (Yes, it sucks big time!) and this will most likely be the last wipe as CCP is most probably going to launch the Open Beta shortly. So it's still Closed Beta on Dust 514's side of things. There is also a minor change to the User Interface as this migration means user interaction between Eve Online players and Dust 514 players. 

dust 514 eve online corporate invites


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