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Eve Online: Alliance Tournament X begins this weekend

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Eve Online's classic annual event Alliance Tournament is launching this weekend. The 10th Alliance Tournament will involve drama for both the victors and defeats. Alliance Tournament rewards the winners with massive fame gains while the defeats lose pride and assets. CCP Games will be streaming the event live with expert commentary.



Eve Online's Alliance Tournament to stream live

It's always massive when it's about CCP's Eve Online. You may be excited for Dust 514 and its integration with the Sci-Fi MMO but Eve Online's loyal players know it's the legendary Alliance Tournament time.

As the Eve Online pilots are making their last minute preparations for Alliance Tournament X, CCP has announced the final details of the tournament that will see thousands of Eve Online players, thousands of ships battle at massive scale for the next few weeks. 

Alliance Tournament X will launch this Saturday with 64 Team Pre Qualifying Round 1 and will continue until the last week of July when 16 teams meet in the grand final.

CCP's Eve TV will be streaming all 127 matches live with expert player commentary.

Find out more at Alliance Tournament X official website->


64 team Pre Qualifying Round 1 - Saturday 30th June, Sunday 1st July
64 team Pre Qualifying Round 2 - Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th July
32 team Group Stages - Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th & Saturday 21st July
16 team Finals - Sunday 22nd July

See the tournament format here->

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