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Eve Online: Inferno 1.1 launches tomorrow

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Eve Online Inferno 1.1CCP is going to release the Inferno 1.1 update tomorrow. Inferno 1.1 offers a series of exciting new features and upgrades such as the enhanced visuals including a massive V3 shader update for Minmatar fleet, new male and female uniforms for all factions and major component updates and fixes including including War Declaration, Unified Inventory, and Incursions. 



Eve Online Inferno 1.1 goes live June 18th.

Eve Online's Inferno update is the 17th free expansion for the Sci-Fi MMO that introduced new upgraded graphics and brought all types of new weaponry. The Inferno expansion will receive its first major update tomorrow, June 18.

The new Inferno 1.1 will bring "Graphics updates", "New uniforms for Factions" and "Fixes and enhancements based on community feedback".

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If we go into details a little bit;

Graphics updates include a major overhaul for the whole Minmatar fleet, enhancing visuals with new shader V3 graphics. You can see this in a video that showcases the new Drake model here.

Along with the shader update, CCP has also upgraded all ships with improved external remote cameras. This gives players a better view of the ship and destroyed objects (increasing the time camera focuses away from the destroyed object) around it. 

Inferno 1.1 also comes with new male and female uniforms for all factions in game. There are full uniforms, shirts, pants and boots available at the Nex Store.

Eve Online Inferno 1.1 and new uniforms

And finally the fan favorite, community feedback based fixes and improvements; Fixes to several major components of Inferno, including War Declaration, Unified Inventory, and Incursions.

Players will be allowed to purchase the currency through Account Management directly with update 1.1.

Visit Eve Online's Inferno website for more details->

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