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Eve Online players scoop up Plex units for Graphics Cards

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It looks like Eve Online players were looking forward to getting an NVIDIA graphics card. CCP's latest trade in-game currency for Graphics Card program was possibly the most successful trade event ever in Eve Online as it took players only 64 seconds to get all 100 cards. Players also use Plex units in charity events.



It took only 64 seconds for Eve Online players to trade Plex units for VGA Cards

Trade in-game currency for a real-life item? What do you think? Eve Online players said "Yeah! I'll take it" when CCP offered them a chance to trade 20 plex units for an eVGA NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560 graphics card.

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According to CCP, the trade event took only 64 seconds and all 100 graphics cards were sold out in this time. 

You may not have heard of Plex units being used in real world before but it has even been used for charity events in Eve Online. Plex units can also be acquired by converting in game currency ISK at a conversion rate of about 1/500M. So the cost of the graphics card was approximately 10 billion ISK.

EVE players have generously donated tens of thousands of USD (via reverse-redeeming PLEX with the help of CCP) to numerous charities in multiple player-driven "PLEX for Good" campaigns which have gone towards flood relief in Pakistan, earthquake relief in Haiti and tsunami relief in Japan. 

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