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Eve Online Retribution announced

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Eve Online Retribution
CCP Games announced the upcoming expansion for its Sci-Fi MMO Eve Online. Eve Online's next expansion is called "Retribution" and it is going to be released in December. Retribution is the beginning of a new era in Eve Universe following a year of turmoil. Bounty Hunting, Crimewatch, new ships and new roles are among the new features of the next expansion. Continue reading for the first details of Retrbiution 1.0. 



Eve Online: Retribution to be released in December

Today, CCP announced the first details of Eve Online's upcoming expansion Retribution. Retribution 1.0 will feature:

Bounty Hunting: Bounty hunting is always popular in Sci-Fi. When there is the need for an alternative justice, bounty hunters hit the stage. Bounty Hunting system is being renewed for Retribution expansion and it is going to change the rules for all Eves pilot looking for justice beyond Concord.

Bounty Hunting in Eve Online Retribution

New ships, new roles: Eve Online: Retribution will introduce new ships in Eve Online. These new ships will offer better yield, ore capacity and other attributes that pilots are looking for in a new ship. New technology is going to arrive with Retribution and even the small craft combatants will be offered something new and better. There are also additional updates such as the overhauled frigate-class ships. These ships will allow more customization and there will also be upgraded textures across the remaining sub-capital ships from CONCORD to Sansha's Nation.

Eve Online Retribution will introduce new ships and roles

...and the final feature is the best of all. This is most probably going to change all the balance in game and is going to be discussed widely by the community of Eve Online.

Crimewatch: Crimewatch is going to make all your actions transparent to others. You have all the freedom in Eve universe. You can either go by the rules or you can play dirty. With Retribution, will come the Crimewatch, that is going to allow others see your actions. And if someone believes you should be hold responsible for your actions, there will be consequences. We will be looking out for more details of the new features of Retribution expansion which is due for release in December. Follow us in the next few days for more...

 Crimewatch in Eve Online Retribution

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