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Everquest 2 Update Adds Guild Achievements and Raid Content

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Everquest 2 nox incessitEverquest II is getting a new content update today and it features several PvP related enhancements, new raid content as well as Guild Achievements. Today, we're going to take a look at Guild Achievements and tghe new raid content. Long story short, there are three new raids launching today and there will be over 150 new Guild Achievements spanning over all expansion. Read on for details of Everquest II's February 26 update.


Everquest II: New Raids

Everquest II is finally getting a content update with some major features that mostly involves PvP and Guilds. Guilds are definitely going to love this as SOE is introducing the all new Achievements System for Guilds. Let's start with new raids. Everquest II has now three new raids. Two of these X2 raids are in Wurmbone and the other one is in X4 raid on Dreadcutter, the pirate ship.

Everquest II new raids
Nox Incessit means Night Comes

The first two X2 raids in Wurmbone's End are called Nox Incessit. Nox means night and the creatures you will be facing in these zones are most powerful at nights. These new zones are seperated into two zones: an easy one and a challenging one. However, this doesn't mean the only difference is the difficulty level, on the contrary each of these zones are offering different experiences. Different loots and different rewards...

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And the raid on Dreadcutter is an X4 raid, a very hard raid, that fetures 3 bosses. According to the latest developer diary, the boss in this one is the strongest boss in Everquest II.

Everquest II: Guild Achievements

And let's move on to Guild Achievements. Guilds will love this update as it is introducing 150+ new achievements. All the quests are spanning all expansions of the game and guilds will start from scratch. 

Achievements are raid-based and a guild will earn an achievement when they have at least 2/3 of the same group in a raid. Individual achievements can still be earned in the content regardless of guild members playing the raid together or not.

Everquest II raid achievements for Guilds

Achievements for Guilds...

Developers are introducing the new guild window and guild tab. Initially all the information will become public but guild manager will be able to set privacy. Following the raid achievements, there will be more categories of Guild Achievements in future updates. This is a very promising feature for Guilds. We will have more on Everquest II and Guild Achievements in the coming days. Devil out.


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