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Find out how Warbands work in new LotRO video

in Lord of the Rings Online, News

Warbands in Riders of RohanLord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion "Riders of Rohan" will feature mounted combat. One of the deadliest enemies on a mount are the Warbands. In the new developer video, Lord of the Rings Online senior producer explains Warbands in detail and tell us how they work. Find out all about Warbands in this new video when you continue reading.



Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan - How Do Warbands Work?

Turbine senior producer Aaron Campbell tells us all about Warbands that we had posted the first details here, the mounted enemies in Riders of Rohan. 

One of the most powerful enemies, the Warbands, are basically a group of mounted mobs. Players will have to keep themselves away from Warbands, especially if they are riding alone. But Campbell says they will be adding Warbands on to player's maps so that a player will be able to locate them and challenge them. 

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Warbands - Will there be a warning when they approach a player?

One of the questions regarding Warbands was if there would be a warning when they approached a player. Campbell says there will be a little warning. There will be rewards for completing Warband quests.

How about the penalties? Unlike the current quests when someone else helps a player, the player receives a penalty, in Riders of Rohan there will be open tapping and there will not be any penalties when you get help from another player.

Riders of Rohan Warbands

This is great news in terms of co-operating in Lord of the Rings Online. Players will be able to help out another player and both players will benefit from it. However, grouping with other players will still be the best way to receive more rewards.

Campbell also reveals their major goal with Riders of Rohan and Warbands. They want to make the landscape more dynamic and interesting. I think they may have something here. If Warbands really works as they describe it, it's going to motivate players co-op and group together for more rewards. What's better than having a system that stimulated grouping and cooperation.

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