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Riders of Rohan: Warbands

Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan features Mounted Combat. While the mounts and mounted combat is fascinating to players, the existence of Mounted Enemies and especially the existence of Warbands, the deadlies of Mounted Enemies will be fearsome to most. 

New to Riders of Rohan, Warbands are the elite groups of mounted enemies. They are particularly drafted for Warband duty and they happen to be the deadliest riders found in Rohan.

Riders of Rohan: Mounted Combat Trailer

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Lord of the Rings Online - Warbands Lord of the Rings Online - Warbands

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Warbands will appear rarely but when they do, with their strength and greater numbers, they will walk over any adventurer. Warbands travel over large distances and players will have to be alert at all times and they would better not be riding alone should they face Warbands...

Lord of the Rings Online - Warbands Lord of the Rings Online - Warbands

With Riders of Rohan, there will also be the all new “Open Tapping combat rules" which ensures that multiple players can get credit and experience for attacking and beating enemies in mounted combat. This will most likely help players find allies easier than ever before, as everyone will benefit from co-op battles. 

Lord of the Rings Online - Warbands


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