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Firefall Open Beta Launch Date Announced

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Firefall Open Beta announcedRed 5 Studio has finally decided to announce the Open Beta date for Firefall. This is huge for Firefall fans like us, and perhaps the other shooter fans who never had the chance to play Firefall before. In two years, it's been one of our favorite games and it's been fantastic to see the evolution of the MMO year by year. Now that is complete as a product in the eyes of its developers, Firefall will enter Open Beta this summer.


Firefall Enters Open Beta July 9, 2013

So Firefall has an Open Beta date! This is big for a game like Firefall that has changed drastically in years. And it's not stopping the developers either. The game will enter Open Beta this July but it will have two more major updates lined up for May and July.

The development team's leader  James Macauley said: “We’re incredibly excited to be nearing what we consider to be the most important stage of Firefall’s development – Open Beta."

If you're already one of the CBT testers of the game (and if you're not, grab a Firefall Beta key here), you probably have already seen the latest changes to the game's progression system and the changes to Battleframes. In an interview with us, Firefall's David Williams had said there wouldn't be big changes but we have already seen some important changes to the game and if Macauley really means what he says, we're up for some big changes again with the two major updates in May and July. 

Firefall Mammoth battleframe energy shield

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The new features will include:

City Power Levels: With the addition of City Power Levels, players will receive new bonuses and rewards when they contribute to the power level of major cities through local missions and encounters.

Melding Exploration: Raise city power levels and you will unlock special dropships. 

Chosen Instances: Drive back the hostile alien race in epic new battle instances. I believe this is going to replace the random Chosen attacks and keep it instance-based.

Crafting and Progression: More additions to crafting and Battleframe progression. A new UI too!

Source: Firefall website

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