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Gloria Victis Enters Pre-Alpha Soon

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Gloria Victis enters pre alpha soonGloria Victis may have failed its Kickstarter campaign despite its incredibly promising combat system but the developers continue to do their best to bring the game to life. Today, they have notified us that the pre-alpha version is ready to go in a few weeks. Before we lay our hands on the pre-alpha version of this very promising MMORPG project, let's go over the new features. Continue reading for the latest new features and the latest screenshots from this new pre-alpha version.


Gloria Victis - Pre-Alpha announced

Our friends at Blackeye Games today announced the pre-alpha release of Gloria Victis. If you haven't heard about it before, you can read more in our Gloria Victis preview. It was back in November 2012 and since then we didn't hear much regarding the game but today, we know there is a pre-alpha version that's ready to kick off. When? Within a few weeks.

Looking at the new features of the game, we can say that Kickstarter campaign has really contributed to this project -and Blackeye developers state the same-, inspite of the fact that the crowdfunding had failed. The UNITY based game looks pretty good and the new features sound very positive.

As the game's focus is on a unique combat system, let's take a look at the changes in this department. 

Made a dynamic character control which makes e.g. blocking at various moments to cause the shield’s position different at each time.
Perfected animations of walking, running, sprinting, sneaking and the combat itself.
Polished the non-target combat system which is based on striking the target manually.
Finished animation sets for ranged weapons (bow).
Added character death and respawn system.
Refined following character’s position by the server – you won’t witness teleports anymore.
Completely rebuilt character’s skeleton for the Mecanim system and customized whole equipment for the new skeleton.

Other new features include new areas, that will force the player to use reflexes and all controls such as swimming, sprinting and sneaking. The NPC's are also coming to life, almost like they are no NPCs anymore. Dialogues and new animations added. There is also a new mini-game that will keep players entertained. (probably a chess game) Blackeye has also improved the GUI and added customization options and sounds.

We will most probably find out more in the coming weeks, subscribe to "Gloria Victis" below to get real-time updates on Gloria Victis as it becomes available. Devil out.

Gloria Victis pre-alpha screenshots

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