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MechWarrior Online: Death's Knell Arrives with Bitching Betty

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MechWarrior Online Death's KnellMechWarrior fans must remember the sounds of Bitching Betty from the original MechWarrior Games. Her sounds in the cockpit has always been missed by the longtime fans of the franchise. Today, Piranha Games developers are bringing back these memories along with the new Mech "Death's Knell". With the heavy armor of the 25 ton Mech Death's Knell and the return of Bitching Betty, there won't be any stopping you in MWO. Read on for details of the new mech.


Death's Knell and Bitching Betty

Death's Knell

Death's  Knell is the latest addition to MechWarrior Online. Death's Knell with 176 points of armour and four medium lasers (two in each arm) is now available in game. Let's take a look at Death's Knell. The new Mech weights 25 tons and despite its low firepower (only at 25 points), he has an amazing 176 point armor. With the decent speed of 113.4 this is not a bad Mech at all. 

While Death's Knell is just another new Mech that is going to need some testing, there is much more to look for today. And that's the return of Bitching Betty. If you have been following us, we had reported on the return of Bitching Betty in 2012 but only today, we see her actual return. Now that she is back, you will be hearing her say stuff like “Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal.”

This official female cockpit voiceover from the original MechWarrior just makes MWO more authentic and fun to play.

Bryan Ekman, creative director at Piranha Games was as excited about this as any other MechWarrior fan. He said: “Whether I choose to pilot a familiar or totally new Mech, such as Death’s Knell, hearing Bitching Betty at the start really brings back fond memories while I get pumped for the action on the battlefield."

Source: MWOMercs

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