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Mech Warrior Online

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mech warrior online mech screenshot

Mech Warrior Online has been a game I have not had the chance to play as much as I'd want to. The main reason was that the control system was not the easiest one in the world and I had known little about the Mechs in game. Pretty much every map was full of players who somehow played amazing. Piranha Games revealed some of the interesting Open Beta statistics today and revealed the release date of the version 1.0. Mech Warrior Online v1.0 is going to launch September 17, 2013. If you are interested in some figures (the number of Mechs destroyed etc.) from the Beta testing, read after the cut.

MechWarrior Online: Canyon Network preview

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MechWarrior Online is getting a new update tomorrow (May 21st) and there is a new map called "Canyon Network". The map features deep ravines and long sheltered paths. Nogutsnogalaxy preview shows some of the ambushes waiting for players. There is a natural fortress at the center of the map. This is a dream map for the fans of sniper roles and surprise attacks. Every mech will have to keep its eyes open when they are climbing hills as they would be highly vulnerable to sniper attacks. The temperature is quite high, around 100 degrees so mech warriors are going to need to be ready for heating problems. We will know more when the update is live tomorrow.

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  in Mech Warrior Online, News
Misery mech of MechWarrior Online

The latest update for MechWarrior Online brings the long awaited 85 ton Stalker Mech, The Misery and the new feature that allows players to customize the color of all Hero Mechs. The Misery is armed with four medium lasers, a Gauss rifle, SRM-6 and a large laser. The stalker mech has a maximum speed of 46kmph but that's not all, there are new trial mechs including the Jenner Champion. Continue reading for update notes and see the new Misery Hero Mech trailer.

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