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MechWarrior Online: Misery Is Here

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Misery mech of MechWarrior OnlineThe latest update for MechWarrior Online brings the long awaited 85 ton Stalker Mech, The Misery and the new feature that allows players to customize the color of all Hero Mechs. The Misery is armed with four medium lasers, a Gauss rifle, SRM-6 and a large laser. The stalker mech has a maximum speed of 46kmph but that's not all, there are new trial mechs including the Jenner Champion. Continue reading for update notes and see the new Misery Hero Mech trailer.


Misery Hero Mech has arrived

MechWarrior Online's latest update is now live. The update brought the Misery that is a 85-ton Stalker Mechthat is capable of a whopping top speed of 48.6 kmph and is armed with four medium lasers, the Gauss rifle and a large laser as well as the SRM-6,

Misery Hero Mech Trailer

New Trial Mechs:

Jenner Champion is perhaps the most anticipated Mech and it's not available as a trial mech along with three more trials; the Hunchback HBK-4G, the JagerMech JM6-S and the Highlander HGN-732.

And for the those want to create a unique Mech, Piranha Games added new statues for the Dragon, Awesome and Cicada.

Mech Warriors will also be able to re-color all Hero Mechs and use the all new Buccaneer Premium Pattern that adds more artistic and offensive look to your Mechs. Go take a look, you'll know what I mean!


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