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MechWarrior Online: Pretty Baby Is Here

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MWO February updateMechWarrior Online's February update is one heck of an update with a brand new Mech; The Pretty Baby, in-game screen improvements such as a new pre-battle screen and a new scoreboard as well as performance improvements. February update also includes the new Alpine Peaks map and the 2nd phase of the Camo Spec which first appeared in November 2012. Continue reading for the details of the patch and the new trailer of the Pretty Baby. 


MechWarrior Online: Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby is not pretty and she's not a baby either. It's a 80ton Mech that sports a 340XL engine with a top speed of 68mph. Put the 19 double heat sinks on top of that and you have got a real Beast. 

MWO's latest content update brings Pretty Baby to the battlefields as well as loads of improvements over the previous version. The update includes the second part of the Camo Spec which had surfaced back in November. Camo Spec gives players the chance to permanently unlock patterns for MC, and permanently unlock colors for C-Bills, MC.

This means, players have more options and long time players will receive a refund of all MC purchased on Colous and Patterns since Camo Spec Phase I. With Phase 2, all the BattleMechs will be reverted back to their default pattern and basic green color.

Pretty Baby Screnshot - MechWarrior Online

That's what I call Pretty!

Game Screen Improvements


This one is pretty cool. Visually, February update is more about the game screen improvements. Pre-Round Screen, Scoreboard, Death Screen, and The End of Round Summary have been totally overhauled. This gives players more data and more control over everything during, before and at the end of matches.

New Matchmaking

The matchmaking has been overhauled too. Come February 19th, players will see the new matchmaking system that is a drastic improvement over the current one.

UI updates

February 19th patch will also let players see the full impact of swapping in Double Heat Sink, Artemis, and Ferro Fiberous Armor upgrades before committing to a purchase. All the item details have been added to the game as well. 



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