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Neverwinter: Blackdagger Ruins Screen-shots

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Blackdagger ruinsPerfect World has released new screenshots for Neverwinter. The new set of screens showcase the lore of Blackdagger Ruins as well as Vellosk. Designed with the classic D&D dungeon crawl in mind, Blackdagger Ruins challenges players with a quest where they face the Thayan Red Wizard named Kallos Tam and his undead henchmen. Read on for brand new screenshots.


Blackdagger Ruins Screenshots

Neverwinter is the upcoming D&D based MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment. Today, Cryptic has revealed new screenshots of the Blackdagger Ruins and Vellosk.

Let's take a look at Blackdagger Ruins first. The story goes back to the years after the Spellplague. Traven Blackdagger, a pirate captain and his brother Malus were once a threat to the Sword Coast between Neverwinter and Luskan. His end was by the hands of the nature. When Mount Hotenow erupted, Traven and Malus died and they were buried along with all their treasure.

Blackdagger Ruins and Blackdagger Bandits

Unfortunately for the world, some bandits found the ruins of Blackdagger and claimed this place as their hideout. There was also the Thayan Red Wizard named Kallos Tam who discovered the ruins long before the bandits. Soon enough, Kallos Tam noticed the bandits and he seized their control at the same time he reanimated the Blackdagger brothers.  Blackdagger brothers with their new powers, controlling the bandits started to attack travelers and merchants passing by the ruins.

Neverwinter did not wait to place a bounty on the head of the bandits. Players will try to beat the bandits and Blackdagger Brothers.

Kallos Tam at Blackdagger Ruins

Kallos Tam

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