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Neverwinter: Devils of the Helm's Hold [Updated]

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Helm's HoldDungeons & Dragons Neverwinter is going to enter Open Beta at the end of the month while the Founders are getting an early access from the 24th. Today, Cyrptic has revealed the devils of the Helm's Hold, one of the sanctuaries in Forgotten Realms. Helm's Hold is the home to many devils and monsters of various sizes and powers. Read on for the first set of screenshots. We have also just added the Devils trailer. See it now!


Neverwinter: Helm's Hold is a dangerous sanctuary

Helm's Hold was a sanctuary and victims of the trafic Spellplague thought they would be treated inside but the truth was a different story. The dangerous monsters and devils inside had different plans for them.

Devils Trailer

The victims soon discovered that the town was controlled by the devil-worshipping cult. Their prophet "Rohini" would not have cared for the victims as he had already sold his soul to the devil. Helm’s Hold was not to be a safe harbor anymore. To stop this cult and its prophet, players need to comine forces and fight them. When you enter the city of Neverwinter, you're going to have to watch out and stay alert for the dangerous creatures. Alongside the devils there are also the imps and erinyes, who hang out in groups and attack strangers.

The Lair of the Mad Dragon is another place where you would see the imps and erinyes. You'll find Chartilifax, a dragon there. Players will be trying to stop Rohini and the cult and turn Helm's Hold to its peaceful and sanctuary state. That takes killing the dragon and retrieving one of Rohini’s artifacts, known as the Hex Locus. It's not easy as it sounds. Wait and see. 

Before the Open Beta launches, you may take a look at our Closed Beta Wekend 4 review here.

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