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Neverwinter: Devoted Class revealed

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Devoted Cleric trailer of NeverwinterThe upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game from Cryptic Studios; Neverwinter is set in Forgotten Realms. There are Trickster Rogues, Control Wizards, Great Weapon Fighters and Devoted Clerics in this setting. If you've been following us closely, we had the chance to test the first three classes during Neverwinter's Beta Weekends but Devoted Cleric was never available. Today, Perfect World Entertainment has published this new Neverwinter trailer and revealed Devoted Cleric class. Read on to see Devoted Clerics in action.


Neverwinter: Devoted Cleric Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment will launch the open beta for Neverwinter. In the previous Beta Weekends, we had our hands on three different playable classes. Trickster Rogue during Beta Weekend #1, Contol Wizard in Beta Weekend #2 and finally the Great Weapon Fighter in the latest Beta Weekend #3. You can see those all in our Neverwinter section and read our Beta Review of the MMORPG.

Today, Cryptic has released a new trailer that showcases the Devoted Cleric class in action. You can also go to the Neverwinter website and sign up for the Beta or take a look at Neverwinter Founder's Packages.

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