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Neverwinter: First Look at Control Wizard Class

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Control Wizard class ElfNeverwinter's Closed Beta Weekend #2 has launched and thousands of new fans of the MMORPG has entered the city of Neverwinter once again. That includes us and we will be sharing all our experience over this weekend. We're starting with a bunch of new screenshots to show you the new playable class: Control Wizard. We've picked the Elf race this time and combined it with the new Control Wizard class. Read on for screenshots and a character creation video.


Neverwinter: Control Wizard Class preview

This weekend, it's all Neverwinter again. The D&D game from Cryptic has entered its second Closed Beta today. After installing the 1.4 GB of a patch, we have entered the city of Neverwinter with a new character as Cryptic has wiped all the previously created characters. 

There are new races and a new playable class in Neverwinter's CBT2. We had already found out about the new Control Wizard class a while ago, so we wanted to take a closer look at it. So I created my new character as an Elf male and a Control Wizard class. The customization options are pretty good as you can change your characters look, including scars, tattoos, age, wrinkles and body type, even the length of arms and size of feet... (check the video below)

Neverwinter - Control Wizard Elf

our new Control Wizard Elf - (click the image to enlarge)

You will be seeing the character creation process including all the new races and the new Control Wizard class shortly as we are uploading a new video fresh from the CBT#2.  We will have more and more gameplay videos tomorrow and Sunday too. So if you are into Neverwinter, keep on visiting for loads of screenshots and gameplay videos. 

Neverwinter: Character Creation featuring the new Control Wizard Class

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Neverwinter Screenshots : Control Wizard Elf

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