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Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighters Revealed

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Neverwinter Great Weapon FighterIf you care for Dungeons & Dragons, without a doubt, Neverwinter is the game you should watch out for. Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic has partnered to create the best D&D experience and in their words the best MMORPG of 2013. Neverwinter was last seen at PAX Prime back September but it's returned today with a brand new trailer that reveals the Great Weapon Fighters. There is a new set of screenshots as well. Continue reading to see all new Neverwinter material.


Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighters Reveal

If Cryptic Studios' Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich's words are to be taken seriously, Neverwinter is going to be their best product ever. Now, we're talking about Cryptic here. It's not to say that these aren't the cliches we hear all the time but I for one, count on Zinkievich's promise when he talked about the upcoming D&D game. He said before PAX Prime 2012: "Neverwinter will be the best product we've made yet. We're very proud of all the games we've developed. We've been making MMOs and free MMOs for a decade. Neverwinter takes ten years of those successes and hard lessons to heart. It's a game and a franchise we're nothing but passionate about. And now, with the amazing continued support of our publishers and licensors at Perfect World and Wizards of the Coast, we're ready to kick the MMO space wide open in 2013."

Great Weapon Fighter Screenshot 1

Cryptic has created some fine MMOs in the last decade, such as Star Trek Online, Champions Online and City of Heroes. Now that they are working on a Dungeons & Dragons based MMORPG, it is surely another challenge for them. When it's D&D, expectations are always at the highest level and fans will be harsh. We will be harsh I know that. 

Anyway, today's reveal is the Great Weapon Fighter and two roles; Damage Dealer and Secondary Defender.

Great Weapon Fighter - Neverwinter

The Great Weapon Fighter, well, a fighter, as expected is the first one to protect the party and most probably the first one to sacrifice himself. The Great Weapon Fighter is good almost in any combat situation with abilities such as Avalanche of Steel that can clear off multiple enemies. Slam ability will slow enemies and if the party is surrounded, the mighty battle chant comes in handy. And if that poor bas*ard is trying to escape, use the Sprint ability and catch him before he can. 

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