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Neverwinter: Meet the Kobolds

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Neverwinter KoboldsNeverwinter is going to have its 4th Beta Weekend from April 12th. Before the launch of the new Beta, Perfect World introduces us the Kobolds, the short reptile like humanoids. These nasty creatures band together in large nests and they hide in the dark shadows. They are cautious beings and they surround their lairs with traps and spiked pits while a group of them continously do patrolling around their environments. Continue for more on these peculiar creatures.


Meet The Kobolds

Neverwinter's got several different creatures in the city, and underneath too... While some of these creatures are violent and careless, the reptilian humanoids Kobolds are full of surprises if you try to find out more about them, aside from their looks. When you look at them, you don't expect much but they are good miners. They are also very cautious and paranoid to say the least. They build their nests in dark places underground and protect it in every way. They patrol, they build traps around their environments and they are alert at all times.


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They worship the dragons and they live wherever their dragonlords build their dens. To please their masters is their only purpose in life as they do everything for their lords. They hate gnomes and they are religously devoted with some magic powers. 

Combat is not among their expertise as they usually just flee when they can and only attack when they got their enemies outnumbered. They depend on a leader to give them tactics and lead them in combat, otherwise they are cowards. 

You will be seeing Kobolds in many places in the city of Neverwinter, especially in the sewers beneath the city. Beware of their deadly traps before you go into sewers or dark places. 

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