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Neverwinter: Orcs

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Orcs from NeverwinterPerfect World's new Dungeons & Dragons title Neverwinter has completed its first Beta Weekend two weeks ago and thousands of D&D fans had their chance to play the game for the first time. We had our own time with the new MMORPG and it was an incredible experience. Today, PWE has released a new set of screenshots, this time showcasing the Orcs. Get used to their faces before the next Beta Weekend. Continue reading for Orcs from Neverwinter.


Neverwinter's Orcs show up in new screenshots

Neverwinter has really exceeded my expectations. It's one heck of a D&D game with its action packed quests and combat system. You can see what I mean in gameplay videos in our Beta Weekend coverage. I'm already missing the game and my bet is it will be one of my favorite MMORPGs, when it's released later this year. Now that we have a few weeks before the 2nd Beta Weekend, all we have is new videos and screenshots.


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Today's new screenshots show the Orcs. For more on Neverwinter, visit our Neverwinter section. You can also subscribe to Neverwinter topic below to receive regular updates on the MMORPG. And if you've missed the last Beta Weekend, you can see Neverwinter's Beta Weekend schedule here.

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