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Neverwinter's New Power Choice System explained

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Neverwinter beta weekend 4Neverwinter will have its fourth Beta Weekend from this Friday, exclusively for those who pre-ordered the MMORPG. The new Dungeons & Dragons game will have its new "Power Choice System" available for test in this Beta version. The new power choice system, inspired by the D&D 3.5 will allow players to customize their characters with more options. Continue for the details of this new power choice system.


Neverwinter Beta 4 to introduce new Power Choice System

Cryptic's developers are determined to create something, a Dungeons and Dragons experience that's closer to the pen and paper D&D. Having learned from the first three Neverwinter Beta Weekends, they decided to change the way we can customize our characters, specifically the ability choices we make when get to a higher level.

According to the latest developer post, in Beta Weekend #4, we will discover a new power choice system that gives us five or so powers from the tutorial completion. And following that, power points will be gained at each level. These power points will be used to get power and unlock or upgrade a power. This is going to be limited up to Rank 3. By the end game, we will have 60 power points that's about a dozen points less than we need to max out everything. That's how Cryptic has decided to keep the balance in game. 

Neverwinter's Beta Weekend #4 is exclusive to Founders.

The Rank 3 limitation will also be limited by level. Only from level 30, Rank 3 powers will become available. This means, you will need to have gained enough experience in game to start unlocking the high rank powers.

Another change is regarding Feat Points. There won't be a huge change in Beta #4 in terms of Feat points but the power boosting feats will become more vital as you can now choose which powers to upgrade.

There will be a tree of twelve Heroic feats and three Paragon Feat trees. While the Heroic Feats boost damage and increase action point gain, Paragon feats boosts its particular powers and each tree will match a certain play style. We will have to choose one of the Paragon Feat trees to focus on, depending on our playing styles. We will definitely take a closer look at the new power choice system and the changes to the Feat points and Paragon tree systems. Follow us over the weekend for an extensive coverage of Neverwinter's Beta Weekend #4.


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