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Pathfinder Online Is Now Funded on Kickstarter

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Path Finder Online is funded on KickstarterAnother Kickstarter miracle as Pathfinder Online has just hit its $1 million funding goal with hours to go. About 8 thousand backers thought it was a fine project to invest. And all that's left to us to say now is the game's main slogan: "A game where your actions are persistent, your characters can build kingdoms, and YOU are the storyteller!". The ball is in Goblinworks' court now. Actually they are already looking to fund their stretch goals , the addition of Gnomes and secondary goal; the new game system. Continue reading for the details of Pathfinder Online's success on Kickstarter.


Pathfinder Online's Kickstarter campaign has been funded!

Kickstarter crowd has done it again. Once again a game is successfully funded on Kickstarter. It's Pathfinder Online by Goblinworks this time, pledged over $1million of funding as of this minute. It happened in the last few hours. We had our eyes on the Kickstarter campaign page and although it was exciting to see it going from 980k to 1million in a couple of hours, we never doubted it. It was too close to fail. And it's an amazing project that truly deserves this kind of success on Kickstarter. 

Goblinworks is now ready to get funding for their other goals. Voting for Stretch Goals Funding will start soon over at Pathfinder Online's Kickstarter page. Here is the latest announcement by Goblinworks on Stretch Goals. They will also be adding a new miniature for every extra $100k they reach above funding goal. 

Pathfinder Online wallpaper

Goblinworks: "The first goal will be to fund the addition of GNOMES to Pathfinder Online.  That is the result of the First Crowdforger Poll.  Gnomes beat Halflings by a hair, just 9 votes out of over a thousand responses.  Never fear, Halflings will be added to the game, but Gnomes will get the priority for development!

Our second goal is to fund a major new game system.  It will either be Pets, Additional Gods, or Fast Travel & Mounts.  Your votes will determine which of these systems is prioritized for development first!

The vote for this Stretch Goal will go live in a few minutes and we'll have the link here shortly!"

Main features of Pathfinder Online

  • It will run on PC and Mac as it's going to be developed on Unity engine.
  • It will not allow grinding as it has a similar skill system to Eve Online's. 
  • There won't be any classes. Players will gain levels in different roles.
  • Players will be able to construct their own custom structures such as house and business centers.
  • There won't be fixed number of factions to join and players will be able to join player managed organizations.
  • Groups fighting in formation will have the advantage in battles.
  • Crafting will not force player to stop doing other activities in game like in many MMOs.
  • The gap between a new player and a veteran won't be like black and white. Even the newest player will have a chance to deal damage to an experience high level player.
  • Trading will be organized by players most of the time. This means, player managed shops and delivery of items by players themselves. (sounds fun!)

Source: Goblinworks website


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