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Sci-Fi Gamers prefer f2p

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According to the latest MMO report published by Newzoo 68% of Sci-Fi MMO gamers in the USA play free-to-play games only. There has been several p2p games converting to free-to-play or chose to offer f2p gameplay.



From Newzoo's latest MMO report:

Newzoo’s 2011 MMO Games Market Report shows that 36% of 39 million active MMO gamers in the US play games that have a SciFi or Space theme: 14 million in total. In European and Emerging markets, SciFi is less popular than in the US, with 27% and 26% of all MMO gamers respectively, but the number of players is still significant totaling 9.5 and 11.5 million. The key question MMO publishers are facing today is the choice between Free-To-Play (F2P) and Pay-To-Play (P2P). The majority of American SciFi MMO gamers only goes for F2P: 68% compared to 16% for P2P. The remaining 16% plays both F2P as P2P MMO games. Most F2P gamers play for free but still the absolute number of SCiFi MMO gamers spending money in F2P MMO games outnumbers the 4.5M P2P gamers. 

MMO developer have been trying to figure out what MMO gamers wanted. The free-to-play model has become much more popular compared to last year and we expect it more developers to choose this model in 2012.

When a developer releases a game as free-to-play, they generate revenue from selling in-game items. This type of monetization is called micro-transactions and this business model has grown popular in the last two years.

Even the top p2p titles like Lord of the Rings, Age of Conan and DC Universe has chosen to offer free-to-play gameplay to players.

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