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Star Trek Online: Romulan Rewards for Subscribers

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Romulus rewards announcedStar Trek Online's upcoming Legacy of Romulus expansion is coming soon. This is the most anticipated update for Star Trek Online and Cryptic is going to have some fabulous surprises for subscribers as well as silver members. The rewards for subscribers include a Vice Admiral ship for free. Liftetime subscribers can now feel proud as they are getting the complete set finally as they are going to be given access to the Liberated Romulan Borg species. And that's not all. Read on for the awards for gold and lifetime subscribers.


Legacy of Romulus Expansion Rewards

With few MMOs out there asking for a subscription any more, players who still purchase subscriptions want to feel special at times, especiall when there is a new update/expansion. With all the eyes on the upcoming expansion for Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus, subscribers have been wondering what kind of rewards they would get.

There are some serious rewards up for grabs for Star Trek Online's subscribers; gold and lifetime...

Current or Lapsed Gold Subscribers are getting a Vice Admiral Ship Token (only for players who has been a gold member for over 600 days). These players will get a single veteran ship token per character that allows the player to purchase a character unlock Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral Romulan Retrofit ship for free.

Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus Rewards

Find out more on Legacy of Romulus expansion here


Lifetime Subscribers are getting Liberated Romulan Borg Species which now gives them access to the Liberated Romulan Borg species. Now this completes the whole set!  That's not all for lifetime subs. They are also receiving the 1,000-day veteran status and the single veteran ship token that will be unlocking a Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral Romulan Retrofit ship for free. 

That's not all guys. If you only have a silver account, you still get the Alien-Gen Hybrid Romulan Species. Cryptic has not forgotten about any player. This is really a fascinating move from Cryptic offering non-subscribers something to cheer for. From what we have seen, the community loved it too! You can read it all here.

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