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TERA: 500k New Players Since F2P Release

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TERA free to play popularityTERA's free-to-play transformation seems to have been a success by looking at the latest numbers in North America and Europe. According to Gameforge's report today, world of Arborea has already seen over half a million new players who signed up for the free version of the game. And if you have ever wondered which race and class is the most popular in TERA, read on...


TERA: 500 thousand new players join after free to play launch

TERA has recently gone free to play and this has -as expected- boosted the user-base. According to the game's European publisher Gameforge who previously announced 6 new game servers, 500 thousand new players have joined Arborea to experience TERA. 

En Masse has also introduced new content and features such as  the Crucible of Flame dungeon and a 3-v-3 arena called the Champions' Skyring. Developers will also keep on adding new content to TERA: Rising will keep on coming. The major update coming later this year will overhaul TERA’s political system and players from a guild will be able to enter into an alliance. We will most definitely have more details on this in the coming months but En Masse is going to be focusing on features related to guilds in 2013.

Which race and class is popular in TERA

Ever wondered which race has been the most popular one in TERA? According to the publisher's notes, since the launch of free-to-play version, TERA players have created around 1.5 million characters. Castanics are the most popular race followed by Humans and High Elves. The Warrior is the most popular class, and Sorcerer and the Archer comes next. Create your own character now and play TERA for free.

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