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TERA Goes Free To Play

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TERA free to playIn December 2012, we had reported that TERA was going free to play in Korea. We also had a guess that the game would slowly transform to Free to Play worldwide. That's happening faster than we thought it would be. The great news today is for all fans of the game. TERA is going free to play from next month (February). Continue reading to see the official announcement. You've purchased TERA earlier? Don't be mad, you will get a Veteran status which gives you the chance to create up to 8 characters.


TERA Goes free to play

TERA Diary was one of our passions in 2012. It's a shame TERA wasn't a huge success. Only months after its release everyone was already talking about Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars the Old Republic. And then there was The Secret World and other big titles. Maybe if TERA was released a couple of years ago, it could have become one of the biggest hits after World of Warcraft. I believe it was really the worst time to be released.

Nevertheless, TERA despite its decreasing popularity and the fact that Bluehole Studio was forced to merge the servers in a very short period of time, it's still a decent MMO with a lot of positives. You can find out all about TERA in our TERA Diary archives here.

TERA Diary

Today's announcement is going to make TERA fans happy. TERA, only a short time after its Korean f2p transformation, is destined to go free to play. Come February 2013, it will become free to play.

Gameforge publisher of the European game version announced free to play today and Eva Schmitt, Product Director of TERAsaid : "We are very pleased to be able to in future offer the game content of TERA to its fans for free and in addition, to offer all who are interested the opportunity to see the quality of the game for themselves."

Players who have already purchased TERA will be given a permanent Veteran status which means 8 character slots along with some other benefits. There is also a temporary offer that is available now. If you get standard edition now, you can buy it with a 50% discount.

See the free-to-play and TERA Club comparison table 

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TERA Free to play comparison table

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