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TERA's Crafting guide released

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TERA Crafting

En Masse has released the "Crafting Guide" for TERA. The guide explains the four ways to crafting in TERA to get better gear. Players will be able to craft through finding the advanced gear, making them, earning them or directly buying them. Continue reading for first details.





TERA Crafting Guide has been revealed

Have you been playing TERA on Closed Beta Weekends? Well, if you have questions regarding the crafting system in the upcoming MMORPG, En Masse has released the first version of the Crafting Guide and it explains the four ways to getting better gear in TERA.

TERA Crafting Guide

To craft anything, you'll need time, a pattern appropriate to your skill, refined materials, and reagents (for making materials out of gatherables) or parts (for making finished goods).

According to the guide, there are six different types of Crafting in TERA

  1. Weaponsmithing
  2. Focus Crafting
  3. Armorsmithing
  4. Leatherworking
  5. Tailoring
  6. Alchemy

The guide also explains how players will be able to take the crafting to the next level by gathering "Runes". Runes will be available as loot drops, they will be the key to getting the best gear. 

Only available as loot drops, runes are the magical "glue" that turns your crafting projects into something an adventurer wants.

There is also information about the Weapons in the Crafting Guide for TERA. The weapons in TERA will be acquired by killing monsters or buying. The three universal characteristics of the weapons are listed as "Attack Modifier", "Extra Damage" and "Additional MP".

Then there is the Armor. Armor tiers follow the same rules as weapons and they have three main characteristics too.

In TERA you can also level up crafting by running a few quests however that will be available to higher level players.

TERA's crafting has a sophisticated structure and any TERA players should visit the official site and read the TERA Crafting Guide thoroughly.  

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