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The Secret World: First Details On Issue 5

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The Secret World Issue 5 revealed
Have you already played The Secret World's Issue #4 : Big Trouble in the Big Apple? If you haven't, you better spare some time during holidays and contribute to the society. Yes, secret society! Secret or not anymore, The Secret World's director Joel Bylos has just posted a new letter and revealed the first exciting details of the upcoming Issue 5 for the modern day MMO. Continue reading to read what he has shared.


Joel Bylos reveals Issue 5 details

Joel Bylos is one of our favorite game producers/directors. He regularly posts about The Secret World's future content and fans love it. We can't really say he belongs to any of the secret societies -who prefer secrecy-, on the contrary he is very open to sharing new details. And we can't complain.

In the latest post by Bylos, he first went over Issue 4 and the new content in the MMORPG, such as the new New York Raid, Fusang PvP Revamp or the new reticule targeting mode. Then he decided to spill out and shared the first details of the next content update: Issue 5.

The Secret World: Issue 5 is going to be different from previous updates. Developers are going to be more experimental introducing a single, larger story arc that consists of several missions revolving around a new character, Tyler Freeborn, who is a conspiracy theorist caught on Solomon Island during the incursion of the Fog. As he is now missing players will go after him and try to understand how he got lost. They will also enter the Fog for the first time.

This means, we will be seeing longer story sections. Isn't this what we all have expected from The Secret World in the first place? Deeper storyline. 

Another new feature is that the investigation missions will become repeatable. The rewards will decrease every time you repeat but it's still something to work on if you have the time. This is a community requested feature. 

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Players will also take on a new mission when Scrapyard Edgar is going to build a new weapon to help. The new weapon will reflect the concepts of quantum physics. This is pretty much all for now but you can visit Bylos' post here and read the rest. We should be finding much more information next week, so keep an eye on our The Secret World section here>>

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