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The Secret World Issue 4 Trailer Revealed

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The Secret World Issue 4

Funcom developers are still working on The Secret World's next content update; Episode 4: The Big Trouble in the Big Apple. Today, first gameplay video has come to surface and it shows scenes from the long awaited New York raid in all its glory. See the kind of monsters you will be facing in this new raid and also check out some entertaining scenes from the upcoming update for the modern-day MMO in the six minute video.


The Secret World Issue 4 revealed in new video

The Secret World could have been a legendary game. Well, it's not to say that it's a bad game but I thought it would have made a bigger impact in this world of MMOs where we don't really get to see such promising storylines. Before I start another debate on The Secret World, there are already thousands of fans out there waiting for the game to go f2p. Funcom had made it clear that it wouldn't be and noone can blame them as long as they keep up with new episodes for the game.

In the episode #4 of TSW's content updates, comes the highly anticipated New York raid and loads of new content such as the new chainsaw weapon and reticule combat. Today's Gamespot released a new gameplay video that shows the raid along with many scenes from Issue 4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

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