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Trion Worlds To Develop End of Nations In-House

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End of Nations
End of Nations fans, you can now relax and get ready for a new and better Beta testing of End of Nations. Trion Worlds announced last night that it has decided to continue the development of the MMORTS in-house following the lay-offs at Petroglyph Studios. Last week, there were rumours that the end of End of Nations was near but now we are looking at an improved and polished version of the game. Continue reading for the details of Trion Worlds' announcement.


Trion Worlds to continue development of End of Nations

It couldn't have been the end of End of Nations. It wasn't. That's such a solid game even at Beta stage to let go down the drain. We never doubted it despite the ridiculous amounts of rumours on other sites. (They love rumours) Our contact at Trion Worlds had assured us that the game's future was not in danger and last night's announcement by Trion Worlds made it official. Petroglyph Studios is out of the picture now but it won't affect the future (as its existence, not sure about quality) of End of Nations. Actually, this is not a survive operation either. Trion Worlds will continue the development of the MMORTS in-house and they seem to be dedicated. However, there are no details on the development team yet.

End of Nations in-house development

Doesn't it look too good to be buried? Read our End of Nations Beta Impressions here

Trion Worlds announced that it will soon release the new version of End of Nations Beta which will arrive with UI revamp, polished gameplay, learning curve improvements, advancements in player strategy and other new features.


"Our team has been hard at work implementing many changes based on your feedback from the beta events. Keep checking back for more updates as we are looking forward to showing off some of the cool new things the team has been working on."

The End of Nations Team 

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