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Watch what you have missed at Eve Fanfest 2012

in Dust 514, Eve Online, News

Eve Fanfest 2012 recapHave you been able to visit Eve Fanfest 2012 in Rejkjavik, Iceland? Well, if you were not among the lucky ones who visited the fanfest, CCP has added new videos to give you a chance to experience the Fanfest now. Continue reading to see the videos.



Eve Fanfest 2012 - Recap videos

Most of you, including us didn't have the chance to go to Iceland to the Eve Fanfest 2012 last week. Dust 514, World of Darkness and of course Eve Online with its new content updates were showcased at the event. CCP today released four comprehensive videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first video is CCP's key presentation. Second video is for Eve Online fans. You can find out what's expecting you in the universe of Eve Online this year. Third video is perhaps the most exciting one: Dust 514. See all about the upcoming persistent shooter. Final video is Nvidia's Tesselation technology video.

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