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World of Warships New Mexico Battleship

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new mexico battleshipWargaming's third combat MMO game World of Warships will soon be live and all three games; World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships will have a common economy system, allowing players to play all three games and transfer resources from one to the other. Today we have the latest screenshots of World of Warships showcasing the New Mexico Battleship.


World of Warships screenshots continue with New Mexico

We don't know when World of Warships will be released but we do know Wargaming's masterplan. The masterplan is to unite three combat games somehow to give players the ultimate combat experience, with Tanks, Battleships and Warplanes. There is also the Wargame series from Focus but I feel Wargaming is going to dominate this genre for many years. To produce something that can beat all three games, a developer will have to spend years first. But this type of challenge can only be great for us gamers. 

World of Warships

After World of Tanks comes World of Warplanes and World of Warships

Today we have the latest set of screenshots for World of Warships, the navy combat game of the three titles. In World of Warships, each ships has a unique setup; unique combination of firepower, speed, armor, and endurance. Destroyers, giant battleships, aircraft carriers, you name it. There will be all sorts of 20th century warships in the game and if you know World of Tanks a little bit, we will most likely find the authenticity that we see in Wargaming titles. You can find a lot more on the game in our World of Warships section.

New Mexico battleship

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