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Neverwinter: Power Choice System and Screenshots [updated]

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Neverwinter beta 4 screensNeverwinter's 4th Beta Weekend is underway with some new features, bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Just like the previous three Beta tests, we have been playing the new Dungeons and Dragons game to see the new features like the Power Choice System. As we reported last week, the new Power Choice System allows you to use the upgrade points on any power you like. Read on to see some of the newest screenshots of the day as well as a better look at the new system.


Neverwinter Power Choice System : How It Works

Prior to this latest version of Neverwinter, there was no option to choose which power to upgrade when you leveled up. With the latest changes to the game by Cryptic, we now have more control over our character's attributes and powers. This makes perfect sense as the game is combat oriented and you feel like you should have more control over your powers. Because in Neverwinter, depending on your own combat style and the class you choose (and of course the enemy), some of the powers are much more effective than the others. Therefore some of them become your favorite and some of them you want to get rid of, as soon as you can. 

Neverwinter Power Choice System

Power Choice System in Neverwinter (click to enlarge)

From my own experience in Neverwinter with three different characters, I was able to find my own favorites and in this new version of the Dungeons and Dragons game, I was able to use the upgrade points on those specific powers, such as the Magic Missile of my Control Wizard character. As you can see in the screenshot above and the one below, you have sets of powers and you get to select which one of them you want to upgrade its Rank. You can also unlock stronger powers and Ranks if you can gain more points. Some powers require 5 points to upgrade so it's up to you to pile up some points before you upgrade a power. 

Neverwinter Power Choice System 2

Enjoy the latest screenshots right from this ongoing Beta Weekend of Neverwinter. We will have gameplay videos later today. Subscribe to our YouTube MMO channel for gameplay videos for Neverwinter and other MMO games.

Neverwinter beta weekend 4 screenshot 1

Neverwinter beta weekend 4 screenshot 2

Neverwinter beta weekend 4 screenshot 3

Neverwinter beta weekend 4 screenshot 4

Neverwinter beta weekend 4 screenshot 5

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots 7

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots 8

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots 9

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots 10

Neverwinter Beta Screenshots 11

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