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Defiance is Trion Worlds and SyFy's upcoming shooter MMO. We have gameplay videos, screenshots, latest news and reviews of Defiance.
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Defiance discount sale

Trion Worlds has been announcing some bad news and also some good ones. Bad news first, there has been some reports about lay-offs at Trion Worlds, first claimed by IGN and then confirmed by the company, although it was not as drastic as IGN had claimed. We're sorry to hear about this. The good news concerns the PC gamers. Defiance is now available for $29.99 until Sunday night.

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Defiance cross over missions

The new episode of Defiance the TV Show is tonight. Don't play the new mission in Defiance if you don't want to spoil tonight's episode. The new TV show cross-over mission is called "The Vagabond" and it's about Rynn's arrival. Rynn was unable to escape her past and she is being chased by Bay Area natives. Lawkeeper Jon Cooper is going to try to find Rynn before someone else does. The mission is about locating Cooper and finding out about Rynn's new objectives. Continue reading for the whole story.

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Defiance diary episode 3Defiance is not a free game. It's buy to play, and in most buy-to-play MMOs, I never feel like purchasing an extra. I have to admit it was never my intention to purchase an item in Defiance at such an early stage. For me, the first three months in any MMO is an early stage to consider purchasing a (Premium) item. In Defiance, I was always going to break my own rule. In this third episode of the Defiance Diary, I start with RM Nomad V6 Camo because I knew it would be fun! 

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