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Neverwinter gameplay videos, reviews, latest news and interviews with the developers of the Dungeons and Dragons game.
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Devoted Cleric trailer of Neverwinter

The upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game from Cryptic Studios; Neverwinter is set in Forgotten Realms. There are Trickster Rogues, Control Wizards, Great Weapon Fighters and Devoted Clerics in this setting. If you've been following us closely, we had the chance to test the first three classes during Neverwinter's Beta Weekends but Devoted Cleric was never available. Today, Perfect World Entertainment has published this new Neverwinter trailer and revealed Devoted Cleric class. Read on to see Devoted Clerics in action.

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Great Weapon Fighter

Perfect World's upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game Neverwinter has completed its final Beta Weekend. One of the newest additions since Beta Weekend #2 was the introduction of the new "Great Weapon Fighter" class. If you missed the chance to participate, we have a new gameplay video for you showing the character creation with the new class followed by the introductory mission with our new character. Continue reading to watch our fighter character in action.

11. March, 2013Tags: MMO Blog, Neverwinter, Preview

Neverwinter Beta impressions reviewGames based on the Dungeons and Dragons IP tend to be at least passable (and occasionally fantastic) RPGs, and that’s what I was expecting from Neverwinter, from Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment. Maybe there’d be an occasional glimpse of promise, a hint at something unusual that might be built upon in future content updates. I’m glad that what Neverwinter actually offered was something far beyond what I’d hoped for. This is a game that plays like some of the great PS2 RPGs (in the vein of The Summoner), but on a bigger multi-user scale. It’s also very, very addictive.

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