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Neverwinter gameplay videos, reviews, latest news and interviews with the developers of the Dungeons and Dragons game.
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Icespire Peak Zone fight

If you like yesterday's Icespire Peak Zone trailer that PWE released for its upcoming D&D game Neverwinter, you're going to love these new screenshots taking us to the very same zone. As players ally with icehammer dwarves, they challenge the frost giant Hrimnir. Neverwinter is going to meet with fans one more time at PAX East, introducing its new content. Read on to see the Icespire Peak Zone screens.

Neverwinter: Icespire Peak Zone Trailer

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Neverwinter is about to introduce itself to D&D fans who visit PAX East 2013 soon with some new content and features like Mounts and new regions. This new trailer showcases the Icespire Peak Zone where players will be joining forces with Icehammer dwarves and battle the frost giant Hrimnir! Discover more on of Neverwinter in our special Neverwinter First Look from the final Beta Weekend.


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  in Neverwinter, News, Screenshots
Neverwinter mounts

Neverwinter will return later this month at PAX East as Perfect World has confirmed that the MMORPG is going to be meeting with fans. Before PAX East, fans of the MMORPG will have another go at it, as Beta Weekend 2 is next weekend. During the game's first beta weekend, we didn't have the chance to see the mounts in the D&D game but PWE is going to introduce several types of mounts in next weekend's Beta. Today, we have a bunch of mount screens. 

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