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Fighting From Mounts in MMORPGs

11. December, 2012Tags: MMO Blog

MMORPGs you can fight on mountsMounts: we all love them and with good reason. MMORPG worlds can be massive, expansive plains, often with not very much but beautiful landscapes to enjoy while you go from point A to point B. Some games offer waypoints to get you to the most important locations, but even that  can’t be so specific that you never need to travel in real time. This is where mounts come in handy. As technology and internet connections (and developer skill) has increased, we’ve started to see plenty of games that allow you to fight from atop a horse. Below is a list of free MMORPGs with mounts you can fight on. Choose carefully and remember: a mount is for life, not just for Christmas.


The Lord of the Rings Online

With the Hobbit hitting cinemas later this week and with an expansion released only a few weeks ago, now is the absolute perfect time to join The Lord of the Rings Online. Interest in Middle Earth will be at its highest since Return of the King was released in cinemas almost a decade ago and the fact that it’s free through Steam will mean crowds of people picking up weapons for the first time and joining in the battle against Sauron.

Lord of the Rings Online - Fight on a mount

Although Mounted Combat is only available to those who acquire the War Steed later on in the game (through the new Riders of Rohan pack), it’ll be worth making the trip through Middle Earth just to see the wonderful attention to detail and obvious love for the books that the developers have placed into all of The Lord of the Rings Online.

Rode Online - Fighting from mounts

Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE)

If horses aren’t your thing and you cheered for the bad guys in the aforementioned Hobbit movie, you ought instead make your way to the world of RODE. In many ways it’s a regular free MMORPG, but you’re allowed to fly dragons. Not only can you fly dragons, you can fight upon them as well.

The downside here is, like The Lord of the Rings Online, you might find a little bit of play require before you can get onto your dragon. However, unlikeLord of the Rings Online, things are a little less interesting on foot than they are fighting atop a firey dragon. This is one for somebody who finds horses full but could see themselves tearing up the sky on a mount with REAL teeth.

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Forsaken World

Added as part of a massive update in August of last year, more mount-obsessed players might want to jump back to Forsaken World if they played it before the patch. There was an awful lot of pet collection features added in the update, including a dungeon dedicated especially to “catching.” Most importantly, of course, was the fact that players could fight atop their steeds. Since then, plenty more content has been added and even more has been added to the mounted combat and to the game in general.

Forsaken World Mounted combat

Like the games earlier in this article, you’ll need to complete a quest to gain access to mounted combat. Speak with Niachilo the librarian and you’ll find yourself whacking enemies over the head from a saddle in absolutely no time at all.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan was one of the first games to offer the ability to attack from a mount and it remains one of the most awesome. That’s probably just because of the range of mounts on offer though; whether you want to ride to battle on a killer mammoth, pierce your enemies on the horn of a rhino or nobly ride across the landscape on a beautiful black horse, Age of Conan has you covered. I can’t say it has dragons, but it seems to have everything but and that’s enough for me.

It goes deeper than that though. Each variation of mount in Age of Conan has variations of its own. Almost all games have multiple horses on offer – from fast and weak to built like a tank but moves like a pensioner crossing a busy road – but few can boast multiple mammoths. You can get exactly the mount you want here, or all of them if you’re a dedicated pet collector. All it takes in this case is to reach a minimum level and pay the cash.

World of Warcraft

Although World of Warcraft doesn’t strictly offer mounts you can fight on, it does contain a mini-game that allows you to partake in a good old fashioned jousting tournament. The Argent Tournament can be found northeast of Sindragosa and allows for a short mini-game involving mounted combat. Sure, it’s not what fans have been crying for over the last eight years (or at least since other games started doing it), but it’s a nice hint at what might have been and it’ll be readily available to anybody who’s played World of Warcraft for any length of time.

Knight Age

Currently causing all sorts of stir in the MMORPG world, Knight Age is a highly popular, successful game, and it’s being made more so thanks to plenty of feature-filled updates and general support from the devs. The difference between this and the other games on this list is that Knight Age is almost entirely based around the idea of mounted combat. If you’ve found your way to this list and haven’t tried out Knight Age, head over to their website and find out what all the fuss is about. Thousands of people became obsessed during the open beta and plenty more seem to be joining every day: can all these people be wrong?

Conclusion - Mounted Combat in MMOs

There aren’t many free MMORPGs with mounts you can fight on, let alone MMORPGs at all. It’s just not a feature developers seem very keen on including. In the cases of Age on Conan and Knight Age, the feature has been built alongside the game from the ground up, so it feels natural and very much a part of the world. Other games implement the game less successfully, although I have to say that I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Riders of Rohan addition to The Lord of the Rings Online. I guess the three years since we first heard rumours of a Rohan expansion were well spent and it’s a game that well deserves its place on this list.

Of course, the idea of not including this feature now feels somewhat archaic. The likes of Guild Wars 2 has a new system that allows teleportation to any visited area and puts any event, location or person easily within walking distance. But any new game that releases that doesn’t utilize this system really needs to give their mounts the ability to do a little damage – anything else in this day and age would just be silly.


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