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Guild Wars 2 Diary #25: Renegades

02. March, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 gameplay diary episode 25The renegades want nothing better than to see the Charr and the Humans continue their battle, and any attempts at a peaceful solution to their differences just cannot be an option. In last week’s Guild Wars 2 diary, we discovered how far the renegades were willing to go to stop an alliance from forming. By killing both human and Charr diplomats and sticking the knife into the hands of one of them, the renegades can ensure the battle will continue and that it’ll be as bloody as ever. If we’re not quick, they’ll be able to pull off their heinous plot and the whole of Tyria will feel the backlash.


Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Videos: Episode #25

Ogre Wars

You’ll have probably explored Ebonhawke quite a bit by now, but this event seems a little rarer perhaps. Ogre Wars has you teaming up with a group of soldiers and taking back a small fort towards the east of Ebonhawke. It’s a fairly long one, especially if there are no other players around to help you, but so long as you’re in the mid-thirties you shouldn’t find yourself struggling too much.

Someone will call you over as you leave Ebonhawke. They’ll explain that a big battle is about to kick off to the east, and if you ask for the directions the marker will be added to your map. Head on over there and speak to the commanding officer to get the battle started. This event is in three parts. It starts with a large red circle directly next to the entrance and a large team of ogres.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Diary episode 25 screenshot

The ogres are fairly easy to kill, especially the hunters. You’ll occasionally get a stronger, more long-lasting ogre in the fray – the Brutes, if you want to look out for them by name – but so long as you can take them on without being surrounded, they should fall pretty easily.

Once you’ve killed the first load of ogres, the red ring will turn blue and the bar in your objective list will start to fill – slowly. The biggest challenge of this event is standing around while the bar fills. Occasionally ogres will attack. Take them out one by one, but be careful, they can swarm pretty quickly and I imagine losing concentration (easy to do when you’re just watching a bar) will be deadly. Especially watch the area up the steps, the soldiers up there die easily and I found attacks tended to come from that direction.

Once the first bar is full, you’ll need to fight your way across the fort and take a second area. The same thing applies; kill the team of defending enemies and then hold the area until the progress bar fills. Fight off the occasional waves of ogres and then stand around for a while. This part will take you slightly less time than the first, but you’ll have less support from AI characters. If you’re playing alone, it’ll probably all be on you.

Finally, you’ll be attacked by a “boss” character. Khulaid the Conquerer will not be difficult, especially if you’ve mastered dodging and if you’re not too overconfident, but the occasional support from Brutes will definitely keep you on your toes. Keep fighting and before long, the event will be over. There’s not a huge amount of experience to earn – I think I got about 1900 – but then there’s a lot of enemies to fight. If you’ve finished all of your daily achievements and have got a spare double kill XP boost around, use it before this event.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Which takes us onto our personal story. The green objective marker will be pretty close by – within less than a minutes walking distance anyway – and you can get there without being distracted by another event or even initiating combat.

You’ll meet Kernsson close by, but a sergeant on duty doesn’t seem very keen on letting you through to save the day. In the end, she agrees to let you come with “if you can keep up.” Of course, you can. Don’t shoot the messenger is a pretty straightforward mission. Move from encounter to encounter, towards the target, killing everything in your path. When you get to the meeting, enjoy the cutscene and the glory of saving the day.

Of course, it’s not quite that easy. There’s one particular part of this mission that will have users of a lower level grinding their teeth and screaming angrily at the screen. If you’ve done the event that takes you across to Summit Peak before, the average encounter will be incredibly easy. Two or three low level renegades will attack, and you (and your two AI friends) will wipe them away in only a couple of blows.

About halfway through, however, you’ll find yourself attacked by two veteran ogres. One would be difficult, but doable. Two is next to impossible, especially since they have no interest in attacking your AI partners. I think my best advice to somebody struggling with this part of Don’t Shoot the Messenger would be to play it smart – don’t feel too bad about running away and coming back. Doing the respawn trick and running back to battle isn’t an option – they heal too quickly – so you’re going to need to take these out in a single attack run. If you’re going to die, get away and allow yourself to heal. If you’ve already taken out all the other enemies in the area, it should be easy to get outside of their circle of attack and for you to hope your AI partners keep them from healing.

Ebonhawke and Renegades

The sergeant might end up falling, but Kernsson won’t. He might not do much damage, but he’s a brute in the health department. Once they’ve fallen, heal everybody in the vicinity (including the sergeant if she ended up being beaten) and continue on the path. Make sure not to get too far ahead of her, or she stands stock still waiting for you to “catch up.” A few measly fights later and you’ll be greeted with a cutscene.

Guild Wars 2 Diary - Renegades Screenshot from Cutscene

Conclusion : Renegades

So the renegades of Guild Wars 2 think they can take advantage of politics for their own ends, do they? Both diplomats are very happy you were there to save the day and want to make sure something like this never happens again. They present you with two plans; you can either go and attack them head on, or set up an ambush near the location you know they were going to be attacked. Think about it carefully, things are delicate enough as it is and you’re going to be held accountable if anything goes wrong.

We’ll cover the outcome in Guild Wars 2 Diary 26. 

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