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MMO Games in 2013 - What To Expect From MMO in 2013

MMO Games in 2013We’ve taken a long look back at the year behind us and seen the massive amount that 2012 offered to the MMO world, both good and bad. Now I think we need to look forward, at 2013, and at the game and events that will keep us going through the next 12 months. Like 2012, you should expect a few sleeper hits to come out of nowhere, but with The Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon, there’s every chance that the entire MMO ecosystem is going to implode. Why? Let’s take a look.


The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be big; very big. It is one of the most anticipated MMO games to be released in 2013. After the massive success of Skyrim and, to a lesser (but still notable) extent, Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls Online is going to bring a good amount of people to the MMO sphere, young and old interested in a continuation of their adventures. With a full solo adventure and all the trademarks of the franchise returning, users not familiar with MMOs will instantly recognise everything they’ve come to expect from their favourite RPG, only with the multiplayer options so often asked for.

The Elder Scrolls Online in 2013

With a more recognisable brand than Guild Wars but without the “replacing a similar game” factor that may have hindered The Old Republic, if there was ever a “WoW-Killer” it is The Elder Scrolls Online. If nothing else, it’ll add another big MMO to the mix and competition is never a bad thing for the consumer.

Console Mania

If the rumours are to be believed, as there will be many MMO games to be released in 2013, this is also the year that will see the release of both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox. These consoles have been built around the idea of online, multiplayer gameplay, and while the average game isn’t going to see any real change in their gaming habits (they’ll be able to play easily with 32 people instead of 16), the next consoles will almost certainly allow for MMOs, both free-to-play and play monthly.

So even if the end-of-the-year releases don’t offer any massively multiplayer gaming experiences in 2013, you can be sure that we’ll be looking to the future and learning what our next consoles will offer in terms of massive worlds and epic shooters.

Blizzard: What’s Coming Next?

Perhaps 2013 will be the year that Blizzard finally unveils their next big MMO. With World of Warcraft rapidly approaching the ten year mark, you can probably expect a few announcements regarding what will happen over the beginning-middle of 2014 (perhaps a new expansion?), but with the quick release of Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 and The Elder Scrolls Online – all of which will develop and grow far quicker and more noticeably than the 8 year old World of Warcraft – Blizzard will want to do something big and attention grabbing.

SWTOR in 2013

The Republic's 2013

Why not show off Project Titan? First discovered in 2007, we know surprisingly little about a title that has been in development for half a decade. Outside of a few job descriptions hinting at a shooter component, and the fact that the game will include product placement, there really haven’t been any leaks or even much mention of the World of Warcraft follow-up. What better way giving a blow to the competition than by unveiling the next innovation from Blizzard?

What’s up with The War Z?

There might not be a War Z for much longer, partly because they’re being forced to change the name and partly because the last few weeks has seen something of a digital train wreck descend upon both the game and the developers. Whether it’s the removal of the game from Steam or the fact that they’re refusing to refund through their website, they just can’t catch a break, and it would be fair to say they don’t even deserve one.

End of The War Z

What did you say? Zombies?!

The first few months of 2013 will be very interesting in regards to this title, and I love to see that the developers are going down kicking and screaming. If there aren’t enough masochists out there who want to pay for the game regardless of all the problems, they’ll probably just change the name of the game and the name of their studio and try to pass it off as something new. They might even update their screenshots page. Whatever happens, you can bet there’ll be hilarity and hijinks aplenty.

Too Much to Play

Between the big AAA releases in 2013, there will be plenty to see and play. You’d be forgiven for thinking there’ll be too much to play, in fact. There’s probably more than 50 MMOs planned for next year, most of which you’ll never hear of. Most probably won’t be worth playing, but others will be surprisingly popular and incredibly good. Age of Wushu, for instance, looks set to offer up a sort of massively multiplayer game not seen before, renewing the “Asian-influence” group of games and bringing an awful lot to the table. It’ll never garner the following of The Elder Scrolls Online, or perhaps even the following of sleeper hits like TERA and The Secret World, but it’ll be worth playing nevertheless. Be sure to check back later for further coverage.

The Secret World

We don't know about you but we spent a lot of time playing The Secret World in 2012.

TERA, The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 have all tried to alter the standard MMO combat system in the last year and games like Wildstar Online continue to do so. Wildstar is another game that’ll be worth checking out in 2013. It is continued altering that will make 2014 and 2015 even better, but it’s nice to see a clear path of evolution in our genre.

If nothing else, you can guarantee that 2013 will offer an awful lot to players in terms of sheer play-hours, and you can bet that you could probably get away without spending a penny as well.

Keep Evolving

Of course, 2013; a new year means very little to those games released in 2012. Guild Wars 2 is going to continue to grow into 2013, as will every other game released in the last 12 months (and even earlier). It’s these evolutions that are going to be interesting to watch. How is The Secret World going to cope now that it’s ditched its subscription? How will free-to-play suit SWTOR in the long run? How is The Elder Scrolls Online going to change the way these games are played? How about if we get a formal announcement of Project Titan?

Guild Wars 2 in 2013

There is no stopping Guild Wars 2 in 2013

While new games are bound to be announced and released in 2013, most of us still have things to finish from 2012 and the games we’re playing are going to continue expanding and growing in size if not in user base. Unless you’re the sort of person to drop an old game whenever something new comes out, there’s still a lot of life in those old titles yet.

Conclusion : MMO games in 2013

2013 is going to be more a year of looking forward than a year of leaps and bounds. The Elder Scrolls Online is going to become a game that others are built around and I have no doubt that it has the potential to become the biggest game in the MMO world, but I also think we’re getting to a point where developers are looking forward, be it to new consoles or better hardware/internet connections, and 2013 will offer our first glimpse of that.
Whatever happens, I’m sure I speak for everybody here at DevilsMMO when I wish you all the very best for 2013.

What do you think?

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