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DevilsMMO Weekly Roundup #2

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MMO world weekly roundup

It isn't easy to keep up with MMO world. If you have missed the action from last week, here is the DevilsMMO Weekly Roundup issue #2, covering main stories, videos and MMO reviews from last week. Read on for a quick tour. 



MMO World Weekly Roundup #2 - June 2012



Elder Scrolls Online fans questioned the use of Hero Engine

Wemade games announced the new iOS MMO game "The Project"

Stronghold Kingdoms became the 2nd most popular f2p game on Steam

Guild Wars 2 second beta weekend evet has been announced

Guild Wars 2 entering 2nd beta weekend

ChangYou dated the CBT launch of its MMOFPS game Renaissance Heroes

Wargaming introduced the new British Tanks in World of Tanks

Bigpoint and Square Enix announced the Gameglobe which allows players to create their own games

Allods Online's new expansion Astral Storm launched

Turbine released new set of screenshots for the Demonweb region in Menace of the Underdark

Elder Scrolls Online's game director Matt Firor spoke about public dungeons in ESO

Demonweb region from Menace of the Underdark expansion of DDO

Crystal Saga's level 100 expansion went live

World of Warplanes entered its closed beta

Eudemons Online 6th year anniversary celebrations began

Red5 announced the new Firefall Manga episodes

Frogster revealed the high level instances in Runes of Magic's Chapter V

Eve Online announced the details of the upcoming Alliance Tournament X late June

Read the 2nd part of our TERA Diary: Exploring the Exiled Realm


Is it a good idea to develop an Assassin's Creed MMO

TERA Exploring the Exiled Realm Part 2

War of the Immortals reviewed at DevilsMMO last week


War of the Immortals MMO review

King of Kings 3 MMORPG review


Spotlight video for League of Legends champion Darius

Allods Online Astral Storm trailer

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