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DevilsMMO Weekly Roundup

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DevilsMMO Weekly roundup

If you follow us but have not had the chance to visit the site regularly last week, here is a list of the best stories and all the MMO reviews from last week. Continue reading for the Weekly MMO roundup, May 2012 Week 1.



Last week has been just as busy as any other week for us. So, if you have not been visiting us last week, here is a list of what we have posted over the last 7 days. The biggest story was surely the reveal of Elder Scrolls Online but there were a couple of other appealing news in MMO games industry.

We can't get enough out of MMO games so our editorial staff is constantly looking for new games to write reviews. That's what we do the best, MMO reviews. We reviewed Blacklight: Retribution and Ministry of War last week.

Latest MMO stories

SWTOR character transfers coming this summer

League of Legends - Varus patch preview

League of Legends: What is the Spectator mode?

Battlestar Galactica Online : 10 million players party

Allods Online Volume 5 Summer update announced

Firefall receives major update

Elsword celebrates 1st year with Nintende 3DS giveaway

Allods Online celebrate 1st anniversary with a free Wolf Mount

TERA launch trailer revealed

Checkmate open beta begins, get your gift pack!

Wizard 101: The World of Avalon introduced

Star Trek Online: Feature episodes 2nd chance

Blizzard reveal The Wizard of Diablo 3

50 million agents deployed in The Secret War

Rusty Hearts: Leila Vergerius screen-shots

Elder Scrolls Online revealed

En Masse release TERA Guild Guide

Elder Scrolls Online teaser trailer

LotRO Update 7 launches on Bulroarer test server

SWTOR : new Q&A available

Star Trek Online Season 6 to arrive in June for testing

Wildstar to support user created UI add-ons

Evony celebrate 3rd anniversary with Double Cents offer

Latest MMO reviews

Ministry of War review

Blacklight Retribution review

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