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Eve Online: Tension Rising on Caldari Prime

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CCP has been hining more on the interaction between Dust 514 and Eve Online lately. We are now on the verge of a major battle as the tension is high on the planet of Caldari Prime. The open war between Gallente Federation and the Caldari State is not going to stop anytime soon and this weekend, this planet and beyond will see the biggest war as Concord, the in-game police force has been issuing a warning for spaceship pilots. Dust 514 mercenaries should get ready for events this weekend. Read on for the latest details.


Battle for Caldari Prime - This weekend!

We have all been waiting for this. Dust 514 and Eve Online's interaction is having the first major conflict which will lead to mega events this weekend. There has been in-game events that involved both the Dust 514 and Eve Online crowd as of late but all of these events have been more about Eve Online's core community. But it's going to get wild soon, CCP has announced earlier today.

Battle for Caldari Prime

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According to the in-game police force "Concord" there will be events that take the war beyond the planet's surface. As the planet Caldari Prime is stiuated in the Gallente solar system, there are rebels on the planet that believe Caldari have invaded their lands illegally. They have been making plans and they are now ready to take action. The Caldari Navy Leviathan class Titan "Shingeru" is in the orbit of the planet as a security measurement. Long story short, things can get really ugly at any moment.

In the last three days Caldari Prime has seen numerous Dust battles and Gallente and Caldari's mercenaries are still fighting for every district. Check our latest report on Planetary Conquest for detalis on districts and planet wars.


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