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Warframe Took Three Months to Port to PS4

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If you were wondering why so many MMOs are making the jump to PlayStation 4, wonder no more. Before it seemed like it was primarily games that had a high number of users, but now it seems like it'd just be really, really easy to do.

In an interview today, Steve Sinclair said that it took just three months to port Warframe to PlayStation 4. For the sake of three months work, you get access to a whole new userbase, at the beginning of a console's life cycle, when users are hungry for new experiences.

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

From VG24/7:

“They approached us actually,” creative director Steve Sinclair recalled of Sony’s interest in Warframe. “I guess it’s coming up to about four months ago. We were in our open beta and rocking the Steam charts there, and Sony got in contact with James, who’s the owner of the company and said, ‘Hey what would you think about bringing Warframe over to our next gen console?

“We had, probably, a 30-second conversation about if we should do it,” Sinclair added, and then, “[Sony] squeezed themselves to send us as many dev kits as possible and three months later we were on the [E3] show floor at PlayStation 4 showing Warframe playable.”

Warframe - Three Month port

Those skeptical about the whole "PS4 is basically a PC and ports are easy" thing that they were shipping at E3 must now take another look, and I've no doubt that an awful lot of Indie ears are pricking up. If you have the time, money and manpower required to get a dev kit and port your game, the rewards may well be quick and plentiful.

The PlayStation 4 is rapidly becoming the must have device for the Christmas period, and it looks like MMO fans are going to have a lot of reasons to pick one up as well. Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online will also be free to download at launch.

What do you think?

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