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If you were wondering why so many MMOs are making the jump to PlayStation 4, wonder no more. Before it seemed like it was primarily games that had a high number of users, but now it seems like it'd just be really, really easy to do.

In an interview today, Steve Sinclair said that it took just three months to port Warframe to PlayStation 4. For the sake of three months work, you get access to a whole new userbase, at the beginning of a console's life cycle, when users are hungry for new experiences.

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

WarFrame First Look Trailer

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WarFrame is the upcoming action shooter MMO by Digital Extremes Ltd who previously developed The Darkness II and did the multiplayer part of Bioshock 2. WarFrame will be set in a far-flung galaxy in a second dark age and it will introduce the Tenno, a race pushed to the brink of extinction by their slaver captors the Grineer. Warframe will be a fast-action player-versus-environment (PvE) co-operative shooter that will allow players to group together as four player squads.

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