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Crimecraft: Summer Update Details

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Crimecraft free shooter mmorpg

There are some news regarding the Summer Update that is coming to Crimecraft Bleedout, free to play 3D MMORPG Shooter game. Details have been posted on the official website. Loots from stockpile containers have been improved as the community asked for it. Match customization options have also been updated as well as several changes. Read more for details.




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Crimecraft Bleedout: Summer Update details:

from official website:

Complete overhaul to the loot system
More match customization options
Flash Grenade – This ability now blinds any character that enters the cloud; AI bots will still use the old ability
Electric Shield – This passive ability will now stun the attacker for 1.5 seconds and decrease the melee damage taken by 20/25/30% with a cooldown of 15/12/9 seconds; the ES-44 Ability AUG now heals the character for 20 HP if the character survives the melee attack

Enhanced Endurance – This ability now reduces stamina consumption by 30/50/70%, but no longer reduces resistances; the EE-22 Ability AUG reduces stamina consumption by an additional 30%, but decreases all resistances by 5%
Salvage Master and Embezzlement – These abilities have been removed but we have implemented across the board increases in reagents (for characters using the Scavenger Tool) and cash for all characters
We’re also expanding the range of our graphics settings so the game will play better on lower spec computers. We’ve gone from Low, Medium, High to a five step setting system. We’ve also added an Advanced Video options menu for users who want to fine tune their game for maximum performance.

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